Why Choose Us?

Miss Jane’s House & Pet Sitting was founded in Asheville, NC about 8 years ago, although it had previous incarnations in Massachusetts. Candidly, my goal is to provide the best pet, dog and cat sitting service in Asheville! Read on for how I set out to be that special caregiver for your pets. I came to pets and pet sitting “later in life,” and discovered, with great gratitude, a passion and a gift for taking care of your precious animal companions… because that is what they are, for you and for me. I’m not a casual caregiver, or a friend; I’m not walking your dog or feeding your cat or talking to your bird as a favor to you or as a part-time job or hobby. Nor am I in a hurry to get out of your home, or to ‘fit you in’ between errands.

My total focus is your two most precious possessions: Your pets and your property…all day long, usually 7 days a week! I’m a full-time professional pet sitter, dedicated to the loving details of caring for your cats, dogs, birds and even chickens! I believe that pets should be as happy with a sitter as they are when their owners are at home (or close to it!). As one Asheville cat owner put it: “I enjoy your notes immensely. I feel like you know my cats as well as I do after a few short days.”…Viki Austin, Asheville NC

The most important goals for me are providing a consistently high quality of pet care service and developing lasting relationships with North Asheville, downtown Asheville, Woodfin and Weaverville pet owners. Because I am the sole owner, I provide most of the services myself, most of the time; however, I do occasionally use other qualified, professional pet sitters whom I personally know and trust, as backup pet sitters, should any emergency or personal need arise. I also refer clients to other Asheville pet care providers when I cannot personally fulfill your Asheville pet sitting service needs in the best way possible.

Here are just a few of the ways that Miss Jane’s House & Pet Sitting can make a quality difference in your pets’ (and your) lives:


  • I’m a detail-oriented business person who knows how important it is to follow through, in a meticulous way, the instructions you give me for the daily care of your dogs and cats (and other small animals) as well as your home. When I mull over situations with your pets and think about how important your home is to you, I always ask myself: “What would they do if they were here? How would they want me to proceed”? If there is any question in my mind, I contact you before taking action.
  • Consultation– My pet information sheet/questionnaire is extremely detailed – which allows me to give you and your pets the best pet care possible. Nothing is assumed; no detail is too small!
  • document all my actions for you, in my daily text or email, so that you don’t have to wonder or worry about the quality of care your pets and your home have received while you’re gone. As one client put it: “Our goal in going with a professional pet sitter was…wanting the best for our two dogs while we were away. The bonus was that Miss Jane “camps without a trace,” returning the house to you as you left it. To list all the tasks she does to keep things ticking while we’re gone is more work than I want, so let’s just say, hire this intelligent woman who takes pride in her business and find out the true meaning of “getting away.” Carol Jones, Asheville 


I believe strongly that good pet nutrition and regular activity affect your pets’ behavior, health, well-being and longevity.

  • I subscribe to periodicals such as Whole Dog Journal and Cat Watch(Cornell University Veterinary School) and take regular continuing education courses to keep up with the latest information in pet care, pet exercise and pet health issues.
  • I’m an advocate of, and have several clients who feed, (as I do my own cat, Flanagan)raw/homemade/dehydrated food to their pets.
  • I can provide you with the best resources Asheville has to offer in nutrition for your cats and dogs, from grain-free dry food to high quality wet food. I’m well acquainted with the most reliable LOCAL and INDEPENDENT pet food supply vendors, including Asheville Pet Supply,Green Earth Pet Food (raw/frozen for dogs and cats), and Weaverville Pet Pantry.
  • Dog Walks – I follow closely all general reinforcement commands that owners want practiced while they’re away; I request this information at the consultation.
  • Dog Walking ‘Hardware’ – I research and recommend, if requested, dog collars or harnesses that might make dog walks more fun for owners or improve certain behaviors (e.g. Gentle Leader/non-slip collars, etc.)
  • I partner with several well-qualified Asheville dog obedience trainers to whom I can refer clients.
  • Exercise for Asheville’s Indoor Cats– I provide a ‘cat walking’ service for Asheville cats who might need more exercise than they’re getting. Call me for details.
  • Call Miss Jane’s House & Pet Sitting at 828-545-0679 about these issues or other nutrition/exercise questions you may have! Because I talk to so many clients, other Asheville pet care providers, vets, groomers (AND PETS, too!), I can provide you with lots of good information as to where you can get the best quality food and/or professional services for your best friends.


High Standards

  • I strive to be Pro-Active. As your pet sitter, if I see an item that needs attention, I take care of it (or, if there is any question, call you first), even if the service was not specifically requested.
  • I maintain Open Communication at all times. Great communication is the key to all successful relationships. I always email clients a confirmation of their pet sitting arrival and departure dates/times, so there are no missed appointments or misunderstandings. I also write detailed daily email/text describing your pets’ activities and behaviors, including any changes I notice in their eating or sleeping or other routines – in addition to all their fun and funny ‘adventures’ when you’re gone! The level of communication I provide you, before you go and while you’re away, is an important part of my Asheville pet sitting service, demonstrating the observation skills and the focus I bring as caregiver for your pets and home!
  • Memberships: I am an active member of our local Asheville Area Professional Pet Sitters Association (AAPPSA) group, and National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), the oldest and largest national non-profit organization dedicated to the pet sitting industry. It provides continuing education in pet sitting and good business practices.
  • I’m Bonded and Insured…important protection for your home and your pets!
  • Pet Tech First Aid Certified – Is your pet sitter certified? Does your pet sitter carry a pet first aid kit every time s/he visits your pets? Does s/he have R.E.A.C.H (Asheville’s emergency animal hospital) and the National Poison Hot Line on speed-dial?
  • I have supported Chainfree Asheville, and have given time or money to various local animal welfare organizations, including Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and Asheville Humane Society. 
  • Veterinary Assistant Completion Certificate through AB-Tech.
  • Customer Reviews– see my partial list of testimonials

The most important credential for you and your family, however, will be meeting me and experiencing the security, comfort and relaxation you will feel in leaving your precious companions and your valued home in my hands.


Customer Service/Resources & Referrals

  • Need an Asheville veterinarian or a new groomer?
  • How about doggie daycare for your high energy dogs that need more than pet sitters can offer?
  • Are you satisfied with your pet food?
  • I can pass on recommendations I gather from my clients and colleagues as well as my own experience.
  • I also offer FREE pet-related support and advice for established clients. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll research your question and find some options for you to consider!

As an Asheville small business owner, in the ‘business’ of pets, different from ANY other kind of ‘product,’ I believe in finding the best pet provider for any customer who contacts me. As such, if I cannot deliver the service you require, I will, with pleasure, make a referral to another qualified Asheville pet service provider – whether it’s North Asheville, downtown Asheville, Woodfin or Weaverville (and beyond) – these are small businesses that I trust and which, I know from my and others’ experience, will deliver excellent service to your pets.