…Daily Dog Walks = Love All Year Long!

dog walking client

How do YOU love your dog?

  • Feed your dog healthy food?
  • Cuddle your dog?
  • Buy your dog lots of toys?
  • Wonder how your dog is doing while you’re at work?!
  • Give your dog gooey, heart-shaped peanut butter treats on Feb 14?

Very Nice! But, gee whiz, can dogs really ‘love’ us back… I mean, the way we love them? Do they ‘care’ about the stuff you do for them?

Most agree: Although dogs are not human beings, they have evolved to be members of our families…BUT, before that, they had jobs and worked to earn their keep. They got these jobs because they were good at herding, hunting, swimming and guarding… their noses, their sight, their physical prowess, their strong jaws made them useful to us. Their usefulness allowed them to worm their way into our hearts and minds. And we came to love them. But how do THEY feel?

Best we can do is give our dogs what we KNOW they love, to make them happy and fulfilled… and yes, we all know dogs LOVE to be walked… it’s right up there with food – yes, it is!! And the best Valentine you can give your best friend! Their ‘jobs’ may be gone – but their primal instincts remain. They have nowhere to go with them UNLESS we, their loving companions, make sure they get those needs met.

Daily dog walking … different than meandering within the 4 walls of your big back yard or playing with you inside or even socializing with other dogs…. Dog walk does it ALL: Mental stimulation, physical exercise, and exploring the outside world with their hugely sensitive noses…. all the while connecting with you and other dogs… All of this happens ONLY on a walk!

Walking your Dog – Benefits to You!

  • Mental stimulation – your dogs are happy and you see the difference in your more calm, settled down dogs… making you happy!
  • Time alone with your best friend… without a phone, an exercise tracker, a mind spent elsewhere… what other part of your day do you get quality time with yourself AND your dog!
  • Exercise/play for your dog and you – helps monitor weight and appetite
  • Behavior issues – You many see beneficial changes in your dog’s behavior … or your own! Hah!

Miss Jane’s House and Pet Sitting is here when you need daily or weekly dog walks or an occasional extra hand when you can’t be there. Dogs can’t literally ‘talk,’ but they’ll speak volumes of love in the ways that count! Our sitters cover most of Asheville’s neighborhoods.