Meeting some of the Pet Parents I meet doing Pet Sitting gives me fresh hope for how love can change the world…or at least make your day!  Annette R. in Chunns Cove has 2 wonderful small dogs: Molly, a 16 year old Yorky and Muffin, her exuberant (and protective) 6 year old Maltese rescue ’sister.’  The devotion Annette (and let’s not forget her patient husband) displays towards both dogs, but especially Molly, the older dog – who has chronic gastritis (they used to think it was pancreatitis), some heart problems, and now a spinal issue – may make some say, “It’s Just a Dog!” The array of medications, many of which are homeopathic/Chinese medicine concoctions, amazes even me, who, as a pet sitter, encounters many constant and committed pet owners. Yet, Annette is no foolish woman, living in a fantasy world: she knows Molly is old and will not live forever…who can measure the meaning of love one receives from another being, whether human or non-human, and who can judge the quality of that love?  “Just Dogs” have given many of us the miracle of love and comfort at moments of despair, in ways that other, ’superior’ beings  have not been capable of (doing). Let’s celebrate love wherever and however it enters our lives.