The Value Of Asheville Pet And House Sitting Services

When you have pets and own a home, you want peace of mind when you’re traveling for business or pleasure. It’s important for your pets AND you to be able to relax when you’re away from home. Hiring the right person or company to provide pet and house sitting services guarantees the safety and security you want for your two most valuable possessions: Your precious pets and your home!

Save Money When You Combine 
Pet And House Sitting

Hiring a professional Asheville petsitter with house sitting experience can provide cost savings. If you decide that your pets require in home pet care, find a person or company that provides both services. This gives your pets the attention, exercise and affection they need, but also safeguards your property. A house sitting professional will offer you:

  • Daily/weekly house maintenance: Watering plants, collecting mail, filling bird feeders, emptying the trash and any other basic tasks you request
  • Prompt and reliable assistance in expediting repair service to your home for unanticipated damage from leaks, storms, trees, and other hazards.

Hiring a professional Asheville pet sitter with house sitting experience can be invaluable to you: Experience is not Expensive…it’s PRICELESS!

Finding The Right Asheville 
Pet And House Sitting Service

Pet and house sitting in the NC mountains of Asheville may offer some challenges not found in other areas: Weather, wild animals and terrain are real concerns that affect both pet care and property maintenance. Proper supervision of both requires a pet and house sitting professional who will pay close attention to the special needs of each concern. How do you know if you have found the right person or company?

  • Read online reviews
  • Meet the pet/house sitter: In addition to reviewing experience and other credentials, trust your gut instinct about the person!
    • Do they interact with your pets?
    • Do they ask pertinent questions about your home and its maintenance?
  • Ask all the questions that you need to, considering all the special requirements of YOUR pets and your home.
  • Full-time business: Hiring an Asheville pet & house sitting professional allows you to SET STANDARDS for the quality of care you want! Friends or neighbors may not properly care for your pets and your home in the manner you want.