Walking Silas and Rosco early one morning last week, I got to thinking: dog walking is something lots of people do in Asheville. Lots of ’stuff’ happens on these walks, mostly wonderful, some not so good. I dog walk (and pet sit) many different breeds for a living, from toy breeds to terriers to labrador retrievers; I care for puppies to senior dogs, healthy to very sick; I talk to many pet owners, hear their opinions on everything from veterinarians to obedience training, and I learn lots from their experiences. I know and work with many other pet care providers, from groomers to homeopathic vets to animal communicators to local animal welfare organizations including www.chainfreeasheville.org and https://www.facebook.com/friends2ferals/. In the coming weeks and months I’d like to share AND hear from you about your dog love, and cat chat about all the mysteries of our feline companions. It’s all good, isn’t it!