What Is Included In Asheville Dog Walking Services?

Asheville dog walking services provide many options for dog walks and dog exercise. In Asheville there are a variety of terrains and locations to take dogs where they can experience more than just pavement and sidewalks. Depending on the requirements of your dog (size, breed, age and temperament), Asheville dog walking services can offer many of the following exercise/play opportunities:

  • Midday walks for professionals working long hours or others on day hikes
  • Vacation dog walking: Morning , midday, evening walks while you’re away on vacation or business
  • Senior dogs and puppies – shorter, more frequent ‘potty breaks’
  • Backyard play/exercise

Why Experience Matters With
Asheville Dog Walking Services

Experience matters when it comes to dog walking services! People want their dogs walked for many reasons: exercise, play, boredom prevention, and physical and mental stimulation, among others. When owners can’t walk their dogs, they want a professional dog walking service – to ensure safety for their best friend, to provide the proper level and type of activity for the particular dog’s age/breed/health, to encourage development of doggie ‘manners,’ to reinforce obedience commands, to make sure any socialization with other dogs is supervised carefully – AND, of course, to make sure the dog has fun!

Dog walking services, because they cater to a variety of dog breeds, of varying ages, sizes and health statuses, as well as varying behaviors and temperaments, are best suited to ANTICIPATE any issues or problems that might arise with your dog on the walk and respond appropriately; experienced, professional dog walkers will be:

  • Checking collar and leash (wear condition/appropriate fit), to make sure your dog is secure at all times
  • Observing environment/surroundings at all times – terrain (we’re in Asheville!), heat/cold condition, other dogs/people approaching, cars/bikes approaching
  • Focused on your dog(s) at all times – is your dog limping or walking more slowly than usual? Is your dog’s poop ‘normal’ or diarrhetic?
  • Making sure your dog gets sufficient exercise or play to provide a fun break and mental/physical stimulation – helping your dog relax for the rest of the day!
  • Providing plenty of water after the walk, along with some TLC to get your dog settled

Dog walking services DO make a difference in your dog’s life! (And yours, too!)

The Cheapest Asheville Dog Walking
Services Are Not Always The Best

Using a professional dog walking service, with experienced staff, may not be the cheapest option but it is the best option and the best value. Here’s why:

  • Full time business entity = insurance protection/standards of care/7 day coverage
  • Reliability/consistency – they will always be there when you need them
  • Experience – staff work with many breeds of dogs – have skills/know behaviors
  • Education/training – Red Cross First Aid & CPR for pets, pet nutrition expertise and continuing education courses are additional credentials that dog walking services often provide to pet owners
  • Resources: knowledge of the best Asheville veterinarians, doggie day care services, pet food stores, etc.
  • Emergencies: if an accident or illness happens, Asheville dog walking services will have a plan in place BEFOREHAND to quickly expedite medical care for your best friend.

Hire An Asheville Dog Walking
Service That Provides Pet Sitting
And Overnight House Sitting Services

In addition to Asheville dog walking services, many dog walkers also provide pet sitting and overnight house sitting services. If you are traveling for work or getting ready to take a vacation, consider hiring a dog walking service that can ensure the safety of your home and the comfort of your pets while you are away.