The Pros And Cons Of Asheville Dog Boarding

Choosing to board your dog OR to hire someone for in home pet care is an important decision. Dog owners want what is best for their best friends and know how hard it is for dogs to be separated from their owners and their normal routine at home. Asheville dog boarding has many pros and cons. Here are a few things to consider before you contact a kennel or other Asheville dog boarding service:

  • Asheville dog boarding means your dog gets to interact and ‘live with’ other dogs.
    • How social is your dog – both with other dogs and with people?
    • Does your dog experience stress or anxiety when you’re away?
    • Is your dog older or experiencing any health issues?
    • How does your dog cope with noise and with confinement in a small space?
    • How much exercise does your dog normally get?
  • Asheville dog boarding services can be an affordable option for a healthy, social, younger, mellow dog – however, if you have 2 or more dogs, the affordability diminishes (in comparison to in home pet care).
  • Asheville dog boarding services are experienced in caring for a variety of breeds, staffed by people who love dogs and (usually) required by state law to have a license/permit that acknowledges minimum standards of care (health, safety, space limitations) for your dogs.
  • Asheville dog boarding services typically employ one or two caretakers per shift; generally, they are responsible for the care of many dogs at once. Ask your potential dog boarding service how much one-on-one personal attention your dog would get on a daily basis.

What To Look For In An Asheville
Dog Boarding Company

If you are searching for the right Asheville dog boarding company, it is essential to do some research in order to make an intelligent decision. Read reviews online, request references, and ask for a tour of the facility. Here are some considerations:

  • How clean is the boarding facility? How clean does it smell?
  • Are all dogs required to have certain vaccinations?
  • Staff background and experience?
  • NC License/permits prominently displayed? Last date of inspection?
  • How do they handle emergencies?
  • Do they screen out certain dogs? If so, what is the procedure?
  • Are dog crates/condos sufficiently sized and is bedding provided?
  • Comfort: Is there climate control and proper ventilation and light?
  • Do they have service options: extra exercise periods, grooming, etc.
  • How long in business? BBB rating?
  • Do they accommodate special needs pets?
  • Webcam installed? This allows dog owners to view their dogs, wherever they are

The Pros And Cons Of In
Home Pet Care In Asheville

Dog owners may prefer in home pet care, especially those with senior dogs (or puppies), dogs with health concerns, or dogs with behavioral/training issues. Even for your ‘average’ dog, with no special needs or issues, an interruption of the daily routine (when you’re away) can be a difficult adjustment and may require some special attention. Here are some of the pros and cons of choosing in home pet care in Asheville:

  • Provides one-on-one pet care, by consistent caregiver, at least several times a day
  • Expense: in home pet care in Asheville may be less affordable than a boarding facility IF you have only one pet. If you have two or more pets, in home pet care becomes an affordable alternative to boarding.
  • In home pet care helps dogs avoid the stress and anxiety of owners’ absence. Being in their own beds, with their own toys, sniffing all the familiar smells, can help your dogs avoid the stress of being without you.
  • Offers a variety of exercise/play options for your dog: Walks in your neighborhood or by the river/lake near your home; hikes off the Blue Ridge Parkway; group dog walks
  • Dogs are alone for a good part of the day – is this an issue for your dog?
  • Overnight Pet Sitting option – giving your dog the comfort and security that familiar surroundings and the normal evening and morning routine provide.
  • Customized care: you, the owner, can request or create the type of routine/number of visits per day, etc. you want for your own dog.

What To Look For In An
In Home Pet Care Provider

Asheville in home pet care is often less expensive than Asheville dog boarding. When choosing an in home pet care provider there are a number of considerations:

  • Experience – make sure that your Asheville in home pet care provider has plenty of experience with different breeds of dogs. Make sure your provider is comfortable walking your particular dog (size, breed, temperament) and delivering all the services you request for your dog. Read reviews and ask for references.
  • Personal qualities – set up a consultation and know whom you are hiring: Pay attention to how well the pet sitter interacts with your dog. Does the pet sitter know something about your dog’s breed and does s/he ask appropriate and comprehensive questions about your dog’s pet care needs? Are you comfortable having this person in your home?
  • Business credentials – make certain your in home pet care provider has liability insurance in case of an accident or other incident involving your dog and/or your property. A good rule of thumb is to hire a company whose full-time business is devoted to working with pets – this ensures staff committed to professional standards of care for your dog. A company providing professional in home pet care will have staff available 7 days a week, and during the holidays. It won’t disappear when you need pet care the most. It will promptly respond to any inquiries, communicate often with you while you’re away and provide the kind of customer service you look for in all your other business dealings. It will anticipate issues you may not have considered and will have experienced staff with qualifications and certifications that part-time pet sitting ‘hobbyists’ do not.