Why Asheville Cat Sitter Services Are Important

While you’re away on vacation or traveling for business, Asheville professional pet sitters provide your special cats with the usual cat sitting services – feeding, providing water and cleaning litter. Beyond the basics, Asheville pet sitters who specialize in cat care know that your kitties require:

  • Companionship – through cuddling, petting and other physical touching
  • Exercise: Indoor cats (especially) need stimulating play, exploring their natural instincts for hunting, allowing them to pounce or chase. Cat sitters use laser toys, catnip, and mice toys to dissipate your cats’ physical and mental energy, giving them fun and relaxation. Boredom can wreak havoc with your cats’ well-being and behavior, affecting their eating and even their sleeping.
  • Interaction and communication via (mutual!) talk, listening and observation. Professional cat sitters attend to your cats’ subtle social needs, and they will notice any eating issues or other behaviors that are not normal for your cats. PAYING ATTENTION to your cats is a very important service!

Qualified, professional cat sitters know that you want much more than SURVIVAL of your cats when you arrive back home! Entertainment, enrichment, close observation and lots of loving touch are important cat sitting services that good cat sitters will provide to your cats.

Asheville Cat Sitters Understand
What Makes Your Cat Purr!

As Colette said, “There are no ordinary cats.” This simple phrase REALLY conveys a lot to cat owners. Yes, even my ‘garden variety’ ginger tomcat tabby…ever so ‘ordinary,’ is nothing of the sort to me. A qualified cat sitter will know that you feel the same thing about your cats! While you’re away, a good Asheville cat sitter will:

  • Explore your cats’ personalities – are they acrobatic and attention-seeking, or curious, but shy? What kind of toys, what kind of fun do they like? Do they want to perch quietly in the screened-in porch, watching the birds or other Asheville critters, or do they want a full-speed chase across the carpet, crouching, waiting….to POUNCE! a good sitter will tune into your cats’ preferences and satisfy their particular personality needs.
  • Invest the time, energy and curiosity getting to know your cats. In the world of cats, what-you-see-is-NOT-what-you-get! Relationships with cats grow over time, change over the years. Your cat sitter will know that being quiet and observing your cat is not wasted time, but a ‘labor of love’ invested in exploring the inner life of your feline (as well as observing his/her physical and emotional well-being).
  • Respect your cats’ needs: Are they ‘talkers,’ communicating all sorts of different information by their quick ‘chirps’ (meal time!) or low-pitched ‘growls’ (we’re at the vets!) or do they converse mostly with their eyes or paws or activity? Do they need to be private and NOT be petted…maybe they need long periods of ‘profound’ finger sniffing, before getting more closely acquainted. Patience is a REALLY important quality in a cat sitter. You can’t ‘rush’ the friendship!

Your Asheville cat sitter is an important part of your cat’s life when you’re on vacation or away on business…your cat sitter will be the ‘next best thing’ to you being there and your cats will appreciate your special attention to their needs.