→ Leave your ‘agenda’ at home
Whatever it is, give it a 15 minute hiatus
→ Practice breathing – real breathing
It’s amazing how repeated, deep, three-part breathing (think: stomach first, ribs second, upper chest third – and HOLD), even for a brief time, relaxes your body, slows down you mind, takes you to WHERE YOU ARE NOW – What a concept!
→ Focus your mind SOLELY on your dog(s) – sniffing, watching, tasting, touching, licking, rolling over! Just for 15 minutes. Keep breathing, deep ones!
• They are the model: smaller brain, bigger sensory capacity = less thought, MORE ALIVENESS
→ Pesky Thoughts – let them in, let them out, don’t react, don’t evaluate; slap your face, if necessary! Put them on hold for JUST 15.
→ Think/Act like your dog: PANT heavily; Life is NOW; PAW the ones you love; Every moment is the MOST Important one; Smelling everything the world has to offer is the SWEETEST scent of all!

So…I leave you with this:
Life is short, so we must move very slowly.
Thai Proverb