Miss Jane’s House & Pet Sitting is Asheville North Carolina’s premier neighborhood, in-YOUR-home pet sitting service, providing overnight pet care, daily dog walking, and pet sitting for cats and dogs and other small animals, including chickens and parrots. We also provide pet hotel and bed & breakfast (B & B) pet sitting services (limited) to Asheville visitors. Why Choose Us?

Dog Walking

Asheville, NC dog sitting and dog walking service
Dogs LIVE to explore their environment with their noses, whether sniffing the air at Beaver Lake or other dogs at Carrier Park. Miss Jane’s pet sitters provide vigorous mid-day dog walks while you work or hike, or dog walking day & night while you’re away on vacation or business. Give your dogs the great gift of exercise! It means everything to them!

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Pet Sitting

Asheville, NC pet sitting service
Guess what your pets MOST want while you’re away on vacation? Not extra treats, or new toys…cats and dogs want FAMILIARITY… at home pet care is the best way for your pet companions to feel the same relaxation you seek when you go away. Miss Jane’s pet sitters specialize in giving your pets what they crave most: emotional safety, comfort and a familiar routine.

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Overnight Stays

In-home pet sitting and house sitting services
Peace of mind, stress-free pet care …that’s what pet parents say about Asheville’s Miss Jane’s Pet Sitting overnight pet service. With one-on-one care from supper to breakfast, your puppies and senior pets feel nurtured and safe, sleeping in their own beds, smelling familiar surroundings, following the same routine you give them every day when you’re home!

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Best Choice … some reasons why:

Miss Jane’s Pet Sitting is your BEST CHOICE for all Asheville pet sitting needs.

  • Full-time, Professional Pet Sitting Business: Insured & Bonded
  • Communicate closely with clients – Daily, DETAILED, email/texts
  • Experienced, Educated & Credentialed; on-going Continuing Education courses
  • Customer Service focused: RESPOND immediately to inquiries
  • Service Agreement: Very detailed and thorough, ensuring quality pet care
  • Research pet topics FREE OF CHARGE
  • Pro-Active in pet/property emergencies
  • Community Involvement: Volunteer with Chainfree Asheville & Brother Wolf
  • Best Providers: Resources & Referrals
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Miss Jane's Pet Sitting

I rest easy when we travel, knowing Greta is in your good hands! I only lend my name to services that I truly believe in, and yours I give thumbs UP… an A+
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Asheville Overnight Pet Care Visits

Catering to the separation anxiety and other special needs of your cat or dog, we guarantee a minimum of 13 hours in your home, observing, nurturing and providing safety and security to your animal companions.
Please note: NO BOARDING.

Asheville Vacation (and Business) Pet Sitting

Visiting your dog, cat or bird several times a day while you’re away from home.
$20 per 30 minute visit

Asheville Dog Walking

To ease your mind while you’re at work or away from home for long hours.
$20 per 30 minute visit

Asheville Express Visits (“potty breaks”)

For senior dogs and puppies who may need several short breaks during the day.
$15 per 10 minute visit – Downtown/North Asheville/Woodfin ONLY

Asheville Pet Hotel and Bed & Breakfast pet sitting

For visitors to Asheville, out-of-towners or relocators.
$20 per hour/three hour minimum
See Restrictions

*See Rates & Services for complete description

My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet - Edith Wharton

My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet
– Edith Wharton

Serving Asheville and the surrounding area.

Serving Asheville and the surrounding area.